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27 March 2018:
I have to admit that I'm not quite certain about what to post, what to "report" or what to type here today. There's a LOT (too much, in fact) of time that's passed since my last blog entry. There have been far too many distractions, diversions, digressions. I thought, almost 7 years ago now, that I'd come back to "The North Country" (which I learned only recently, most certainly isn't actually the area I'd come to... more on that in a moment) to focus on those matters that one might expect in one's "older" years. But to be brutally honest, as I'm known to be, it's been just about any and every-thing except. Yes, I've managed to get a few books compiled, composed and open for sale. I can't say that I'm all too terribly disappointed with the publication of "Bitter-Sweet Bitterness", almost 7 years ago now. Sadly, that project was stressful, forced into a period of time way too short to do the story its proper respect. But the current rendition is rather reflective of the subject-matter and its content and yes, it's still very much available and I continue to hope that people of maturity will pursue a serious reading and discussion of and about the book and the issue of Homelessness which still plagues the world. (I will NEVER understand how any sovereign nation justifies an intake of immigrants, or "refugees" as they're referred to these days, whilst blatantly shirking all responsibility to its own citizens. But then, the world, its said, was created perfect... then came humanity and our imperfections, and all went to Hell in a hand-bag... obviously.)

That being said and not to be-labour... The great news has been the creation of the old blog which is now this new WEB-SITE! The old blog was a delight and I'm forever thankful for the opportunity it presented and continues to present for communications with the rest of the world. I have to highly recommend "Wordpress" to all, whether venturing out on some personal business or simply to keep in touch with others, near and far. I do, and vehemently so, advise complete avoidance of the likes of "Facebook" how-ever. I remember, vividly and all too well and often, my first experience with "FB" and the ilk and calibre of users of the (dis)service.

It had been strongly recommended that I open an account and post much to "FB" because, well, as we all know, it's rather quite popular and MANY businesses and business people use it, some daily and others by the passing moment. Ah yes, and so, I rushed to the site, typed in my particulars, included images, most of my own creation and began my adventure. OK. Yes. I DID meet some rather interesting people and some quite wonderful folks on "FB". But it didn't take a month and I was given notice that some stranger "reported" some matter on my "page" that "offended". I was never told what, actually offended, nor have I ever been told WHOM I'd offended. My access to my account WAS, in fact, "suspended" for several days because of it, but I, being quite familiar with the machinations of "social media" (I've been on "Twitter" for almost 10 years now), simply moved on, moved along and continued participating, and communicating with those whom I didn't "offend" and those who are of a higher ilk, calibre and intelligence who engage in discussions and debates maturely.

I rather knew, all along, that the likes of "FB" were, what is now referred to as a "data mining" rouse. I knew that information posted there was confiscated and collected by "Facebook", the people and the company, so I refrained from engaging in matters of a personal nature, leaving my "personal affairs" off and away. As things go and time passes, my suspicions are currently being confirmed and substantiated. So my Facebook account is, as I type this, in the process of being "closed". (PS: I KNOW, for a fact, that simply requesting the deletion of a Facebook account means precious little in the way of erasing any and all information that has ever appeared on the account. Even when we personally and directly delete information, it merely disappears from sight... on the site, meanwhile, there are "back-ups" and all sorts of other repositories where ALL of our information is stored... and obviously, will be held hostage long into perpetuity, by what are proving to be nefarious persons. No matter. I've not posted anything that could be of any detriment to me nor of any use to others who wish me harm.)

With this, I add to my first paragraph, that residence here, in a little border-town of New England has been, let's just say, a proper education. Indeed, there have been many pleasant moments along the time-line. I've reclaimed old barns, engaged in gardening and farming, seen some of the most beautiful places this old planet has to offer. I've managed to frequent places of the North that have long held precious places in my heart, and I've re-connected with people I'd not seen in the longest while. Conversely, my "education" has included some rather physically sickening lessons and experiences as well, including and not limited to exposure to a truly amazing VAST number of people who proudly prove themselves lazy, slovenly, entitled, disrespectful, and the likes. It is as I've said on many occasion; I've spent most of my life-time in the City of New York (a subject I'll not approach at this juncture), living and residing with and amongst the likes of 8 million other people and NEVER, in all those years, with all of those people, have I ever experienced the quantity of intentionally miserable and generally nasty human beings as I've done in a mere 7 years in a state whose population is a mere 600 thousand. Intentional injuries, threats of bodily harm, frivolous litigations, and all sorts of general nonsense. Fine, most of it all didn't involve me in any manner other than my having borne witness to the fracas, but still, the annoyance has proven distracting and a bit of a hindrance... until now.

And with that statement, I'm going to close this, the first blog entry of the year 2018. (I almost can't believe it... 2018! I still remember that old song that went "In the year 2525, if man is still alive"... we're rapidly approaching... rapidly.)

As always, I thank you, who've come to this new site, who've followed along in spite of my sporadic entries and communications. I MOST SINCERELY THANK those of you who've purchased and read the books. And I look forward to hearing from you as this year moves along. Thank you for keeping in touch. Thank you for keeping interested. Thank you... for being the inspirations and support that you are. Thank you.





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