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17 February 2020:

Well? The “Farewell Tour” got cut short in 2019 and to-date, it doesn't appear to be resumed any time too near in future. Sadly, it appears that all the work that had been done of the old truck, over the course of almost a year, had been done incorrectly or “suspiciously”, to put it politely. Brakes, belts, “lines” all went terribly bad in the Summer of 2019. So, the poor thing has been sitting in the yard, inoperable, unmovable. Sad, depressing at times, and now it's just going to have to wait because the total dollar amount of work that had been done and now must be re-done was in the multiple thousands of dollars and that's not something I can afford to dole-out at this particular point in time. It's been rather difficult, but I really can't complain too awfully much. There's been absolutely elating events that have taken place since the last entry here. And so, I'll get right into that. Best to focus on “elations” rather than depressions. As time and life have proven, repeatedly: “storms never last” (do they, darling?).

Let's get right to it: After a bit of ado and doubt, what is, in fact and not just poetically THE MOST amazing event I could have ever imagined has turned from a “dream” into very much a reality. Yours here, is no longer composing from the hellish turmoil that is the state of Vermont. No. These days, the hours while away back in the state of New York! What's more, in the official “North Country”! Yes, indeed and in fact, I managed to, just before the old truck gasped her last, remove me and mine to a quite cozy little place of great history, literally IN the “Adirondack State Park” region! The “Giant Mountain Wilderness” as a matter of fact.

By happen-stance, the place appeared one June evening, when I was at wits' end again and decided that, with the few moments I had before heading to bed, I decided to browse the regional “flat available” listing on-line. To my literal shock, there it appeared, a perfect space at a most perfect price, available “immediately”! And, the most almost incredible aspect of it was the location: a tiny hamlet, tucked-away in a rather remote area that I'd stumbled upon previously, one other restless evening, as I browsed a satellite image of these mountains. An extremely small, rather un-inhabited little place with a most uncommon name. Just out of curiosity (and some boredom, mixed with a need to distract my thoughts from the local, immediate misery), I “zoomed-in” to the “street-view” and took a virtual tour of the place. Seeing the few houses, I resigned my-self to never being able to find a rental in a place so sparsely inhabited, and so rather far from the nearest actual village. But... there it was... THERE WAS THE LISTING!

The very next day I sent word of interest and I waited... waited... waited for a reply. Nothing. But I was determined to keep trying, at the very least, until the listing vanished (which I expected to be the case in extremely short order). Well! As Fate would have it (though seldom for me), the response came, messages were exchanged, a date to “view” was made and, on the day of the appointment, I almost literally RAN to the truck, hoping that it would make the trip there, at the very least. (If it didn't want to make the return, that didn't phase me at all. I'd simply stay where the truck decided we should remain.)

The long and short of it: I fell in LOVE with the place. Steeped in history. One of the oldest structures in the hamlet. A bit on the “odd” lay-out, but I didn't care. I saw that I could look out of the huge front windows or step out onto the front porch and the very first sight to be ingested with glory was... THE ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS! The rent was affordable (enough) and the space was such that it could be “furnished”, some-how, with reasonably little. I didn't have to “consider”. I immediately said “I don't care how it looks, how it smells, what might or might not be wrong or right with it... I'll TAKE IT!” And, about a month later, the rest, as they say, became history.

As for the truck? Well, she made the trip, loaded to the point where I had only just enough space in the cab to maneuver the steering wheel. She made a few local trips and one back into the Hell that is “that state” where, once again, an indescribable blessing was bestowed when I managed to replace the futon I'd had so many years ago and “lost” in “the great grand theft”... with a matching side table, for considerably less than I'd paid the first one! GLORIOUS! <,p>

So strange, as I think back, that the truck made the move, made the trip for the futon and then... things began to crumble... seriously and desperately. “Destiny”... I have reached mine.

Hard to believe, that was exactly 7 months ago on tomorrow's date. And in that time, this little place has become more “HOME” than any place I've been for the past 18-19 years. My own bed, a futon in a living-room, table and chairs in the kitchen, cook-ware again... AND A ROOM IN WHICH TO TYPE, WRITE, DRAW, PAINT.. and all the while, sitting directly at a double window that almost devours the day's sun-light, with a most splendid view of the road, and a small “park” across the way. No matter what window I cast my gaze through, there's the reminder: I'm back... in the “home-state” but, even more, I'M IN THE VERY AREA THAT WAS LONG, MY MOST BELOVED FROM THE VERY FIRST TIME I TRAVERSED THIS REGION, MORE THAN 40 YEARS AGO!

And there you have the general summary of events.

But now, while my fingers are rolling o'er this key-board, a hot tea at hand, soft music flowing through the room, and a dark Winter night settles on the other side of the window, I just wanted to post a bit of an up-date on a change that's been made to this site. “Selected Shorts” have been added. A segment where, stories too short to be a “book”, thoughts, really, that pass through the mind and heart, jotted to be given to those of you who are kind enough to come by to check-up and check-in. I'd started to record them on the “Minds.com” channel, but having done, and realising that each one would have to be recorded as a separate “blog”, I decided to better use this space here, and include them as part of this on-going, never really resting site. Having a place of inspiration, of peace of mind and spirit has been an encouragement to create and produce. So, from now on, I've decided to work on some “short stories” to “fill the space of time” between efforts that have been, in the past, repeatedly begun and abandoned, due to lack of necessary... “peace of mind”. Right now, as I type, there are 3 pieces to enjoy (or not, as is your preference). But I'm certain that there will be many more to follow. So I encourage you to return, as you're able, and check the segment. There's an “index” page where additions will be listed. A click will open each story on a separate “tab” or “page” or “window”, as your viewer is set to do. That way, you can “book-mark” the story and not have to go through the entire site if you're carried away from your reading or, if you simply want to remember where the story is, to return and perhaps re-read. I HOPE you'll enjoy some of the new works AND I HOPE you'll take the time to drop a line with your thoughts on them. (As always, if you do, and you'd like a reply, you KNOW I'm here and will be more than simply delighted to correspond. I AM a “people”.)

For now, it's time to wrap another day up neatly. The hour is late, the eyes have been very busy all this “holiday” Monday, working on the new pages. But I couldn't possibly have walked away with-out jotting a note to you all.

As always, most sincere thanks to you for your support and encouragement. And for those who've sent comments and communications, very special thanks.

May you all be safe, warm, sound, dry, comfortable. May you all have your fill to eat and drink, a place to call “Home”, a place of refuge, of contentment. May you all be in bet of health and good thoughts. Until we “meet” again...





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